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Force-Free Training

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What is Force-Free?

Force-free training means no force or punishment is used to train your dog. Force and punishment can be defined as yanking or jerking the leash, using verbal or physical punishment, or even worse, using training collars (e-collar/shock collar/invisible fence) that vibrate, beep or give your dog an electric shock.


Even so-called ‘training collars’ and choke chains are a punishment for your dog because every time these collars tighten, your dog will feel pain and may panic.   When thinking about how to train your dog, anything that causes your dog fear, anxiety or stress is deemed as using force.  Training should be based on a positive relationship fostered by trust.




Why Force-Free matters?

  • Our dogs are our family, so why would we ever choose to make our dog feel fearful, stressed or uncomfortable? That is where force-free dog training can help you.                                                                                                             

  • Force-free training reinforces good behavior using the things that your dog loves the most. These things tend to be food, toys, praise and real-life rewards, such as going outside to play.                                                                                              

  • Imagine this: Your dog is free of fear, force, pain or discomfort, and is happy, relaxed and enjoying training. All of those things mean your dog trusts you and you have a trusting connection that will grow stronger over time. Combine this with food, toys or affection as a reward and your dog is definitely more likely to want to do the behavior you are asking. Most importantly they will do the behavior because they genuinely want to.         


  • Force-Free dog training helps create a trusting relationship with your dog and it also gives sustainable lifelong training that works.  

Sue is a certified force-free dog trainer and would love to help you build that trusting relationship with your dog.  

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No Force Dog Trainers of North Georgia

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