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What drives Sue?

Education, Empowerment, and Inspiration

Sue Peet, VSPDT


Sue's journey with dogs began with a career as a certified veterinary technician that spanned over 15 years. During this time, she developed a deep appreciation for the profound mind-body connection in dogs. Her devotion to rescue took root in 1995 and has only increased since she moved to Georgia. Passionate about helping dogs stay in their homes, she honed her skills in addressing their behavioral and emotional needs and graduated from the renowned Victoria Stilwell Academy as a certified force-free dog trainer. Sue is dedicated to continuing education, focusing on force-free training methods for fearful dogs. She is a Fear Free Certified Professional (FFCP) and dog bite prevention educator. She believes in strengthening the dog-human bond through trust and enrichment, and relishes puppy socialization and skills training.


Our Team

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